Day 14 of 100 Day Journey to 6 Figures with Multiple Streams of Income and Real Estate Investing

Day 14 of 100 Day Journey to 6 Figures with Multiple Streams of Income and Real Estate Investing

Day 14 of 100 Day Journey to 6 Figures with Multiple Streams of Income and Real Estate Investing This is day 14 of 100 – have had a very productive week these last 7 day!

From last journal- I’ve had more time to work on adding marketing funnels for advertising my sites for multiple incomes. I’m getting some great exposure and leads for my Business Funding and Merchant Cash Advance business by which I have 4 possible closings by tomorrow and the next few days. From meditating and Master-Minding with other experts in my circle(s) I’d run thoughts and suggestions to them on what would be the best approach to using one of my primary advertising funnels which is Radio & Facebook Ads being MONEY LOVES SPEED. So I’m close to leaning on setting off my radio marketing campaign for partial Real Estate Investing Leads and Business Funding Leads.

A few days ago me and a business friend of mine witness an actual Law of Attraction moment – I just sitting their giving her pointers on a few ways to meet her goals on making enough income to sustain her where she would be ready to type out her resignation to her temp-job that she’s aware of the (J.O.B.) J-ust O-ver B-roke part of her life that she’s made a commitment to change. Our flow was so vibrant that once I WAS beginning to come too the end of our scheduled meeting, a person came up to our table and presented his field of expertise that I was speaking about that was in one of my journeys and we both looked at each other and then looked at him and said WOW! This is an EXCITING Law of Attraction moment!

That Saturday I will never be forgot being that whole day felt like a 3rd eye moment link here

That lead to yesterday by having a strong common interest, magnetic vibe, and law of attraction too a very vibrant and always looking to help out others person named Conchatta Taylor. Ladies and Gentleman this is an Individual that you definitely don’t want to miss out on that is if I can get my hands on her to keep her still being she’s progressing all over the Dallas – Fort Worth areas – lol. She’s the type of person that they say Gives 110% (percent) that shows from her competitive passion to want to win and see her clients or even the motivated sellers that she buys from have a WIN-WIN Situation. So my goal of day 15 of 100 Day Journey to 6 Figures is to have the blog session Interview and video complete about Conchatta Taylor.

Today I’m excited to have one of my long time business partners and friend Rod Hanks. I’ve known Rod for over 15 years by which Rod Hanks has owned and operated The Hanks Insurance Group since 1999. Having grown from a 1 person agency to now one of the largest Insurance Agencies in the area. Rod has served the insurance needs of thousands of families and small business in the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex. Being a real estate investor himself, Rod understands the insurance needs of real estate investors and specializes in helping real estate investors cover their most important assets.
As I’ve said previously being this is now day 14 of 100 Day Journey to 6 Figures – Most people are ready to quit or get off FOCUS on the end Game and just merely quit because they’re not seeing any monetized results or any type of leads but it’s just like the coal miner – if he keeps digging then he’s more closer to striking diamonds.
Remember #9 of 9 Rules For achieving Success- By Dr. Herbert Harris 12 Universal laws of Success – DON’T QUIT!
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